We are so confident in the anti-theft capabilities of the SLIM SLING™ that we proudly offer a lifetime "replacement or refund guarantee" for lost and stolen products. In order to qualify for a replacement or refund under this guarantee, customers must have purchased the product from our official website northcarry.com and furthermore provide satisfactory proof of the loss.

Acceptable forms of proof may include a police report, insurance claim, or other official documentation demonstrating the loss. If a customer is unable to provide satisfactory proof of loss, our company reserves the right to deny the request for a replacement or refund.

Please note that this guarantee is only available for products that have been lost and stolen, and not for products that have been damaged or otherwise rendered inoperable. This guarantee is also only valid for THE SLIM SLING™ and does not apply to any other products on our website. It is subject to change at any time without notice. All products are covered by our standard 1-Year Warranty and 45-Day Guarantee.

If you would like to request a guarantee replacement or refund, simply contact us at hello@northcarry.com to report the issue and provide your order number. Our 24 / 7 customer service team will get back to you as possible.